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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


She may be only two films old in Bollywood but actress Sonam Kapoor is already creating waves globally .The girl is the only Indian to be featured in The Hollywood Reporter's special issue devoted to Asia(the trade bible of Hollywood).

Sonam, who celebrates her 24th birthday on Tuesday is thrilled with the news. "Yes, it is pleasing to be recognized by Hollywood so early in my career, but my success is due to the enormous faith that the Indian film industry has placed in me and the great love that I have been lucky to get from my audiences," Sonam said in a statement.
The article about "the next generation of leaders in the rapidly evolving Asian entertainment sector" prominently features Sonam and the actress has also been presented with a certificate signed by Eric Mika, the publisher of Hollywood Reporter.

But Sonam is in no hurry to migrate to Hollywood.

Script is most important yet

"My heart is in India, and the films we make here can stand comparison with those made anywhere in the world, including Hollywood," the actress said.

"So if and when there is an offer from the West, I will judge it on the same criteria that I choose scripts - whether I believe in the story, the project and the people involved or not; and not just because it has come from Hollywood," Sonam added.

The Hollywood Reporter approvingly calls it “pretty heady stuff” and commends her ability to think quickly on her feet.

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